Monday, 27 July 2009

Friday Night Music with a Little Nudity!

Friday night I realized that I needed to not spend another night in my apartment with my cat. Since I don't know anyone to go out with, I just decided to go alone. I figured I'd look online for some local music because it had been a while since I'd gone to a show. And I was missing my rock-star friend Greg terribly. After some careful research I found two potential shows to attend: a semi-Radiohead wannabe band at a bar called the Bottom of the Hill or a Japanese punk band named Vomica at a bar around the corner from my house. After consulting with M and K, two of the biggest idiots I know, it was decided that the only show I could ever possibly attend by myself was the Vomica show.

And so I went.

The first band to go on was called Solid Dollar. I actually really liked them. They even did a cover of the Misfits We Are 138, which made me pretty happy.

And then came Vomica.

Punk isn’t normally my thing, but I kinda liked this band. Although really I can’t comment all that much on the music because it was difficult for me to concentrate on the sound since the lead singer, a Japanese-American man with very long hair, performed naked. Completely, 100% naked. For the entire show. As though I don’t find naked men repulsive enough, the singer was dancing around. And making his tiny little wang do all kinds of tiny little things (I’m going to cut the guy some slack and give him the “it was cold in there” benefit of the doubt). I was so shocked, I could do nothing but laugh. And stare. And wonder why the hell I left Boston where people perform in bars with their clothes on.

A gentleman who hung out with me that night at the show, who was also a fellow east-coaster, informed me that not all bands out here perform naked. But he went on to say that nudity is much more prevalent and accepted out here. Then he told me about the Folsom Street Fair, which is happening today (Sunday) and is a fair to celebrate leather, leather fetishes, and god knows what else. Yeah, so I'mmna definitely attend that today. Fuck. Why the hell not. I'm bringing my camera with me though. I can’t even imagine what the hell I’m about to see.